By tradition, ICDAR makes several awards to recognize outstanding research papers presented at the conference. These awards are decided by committees composed of leading members of the ICDAR community appointed by the program co-chairs. Short lists of candidate papers are prepared for the committees to review, after which voting takes place to determine the award winners. Conflicts of interest involving the candidate papers are considered when deciding who will serve on an award committee, and no one with a conflict is permitted to serve on the committee for the award in question

All submitted papers are automatically eligible for Best Paper and Best Poster awards. To be eligible for the more specific awards, authors must confirm their eligibility when the paper is first submitted using the Easy Chair system:

Best Student Paper. Authors must check the submission form box certifying that most of the work was done by the student listed as the first author, making the paper eligible for consideration for the Best Student Paper Award. The student author must have been a registered student at the time of paper submission.

Best Industry Paper. Authors must check the submission form box certifying that the work was conducted in an industrial setting and at least one of the authors is from a company or technology transfer organization, making this paper eligible for consideration for the Best Industry Paper Award.

In addition, to receive an award, the paper in question must be presented “live” at the conference by one of the co-authors. No exceptions will be made to this rule.

ICDAR 2021 Award Winners:

IAPR/ICDAR 2021 Best Paper Award:

Weihong Lin, Qifang Gao, Lei Sun, Zhuoyao Zhong, Kai Hu, Qin Ren and Qiang Huo for their paper “ViBERTgrid: A Jointly Trained Multi-Modal 2D Document Representation for Key Information Extraction from Documents”

Itesoft/yooz ICDAR 2021 Best Student Paper Award:

Alexander Mattick, Martin Mayr, Mathias Seuret, Andreas Maier and Vincent Christlein for their paper “SmartPatch: Improving Handwritten Word Imitation with Patch Discriminators”

IAPR/ICDAR 2021 Best Industry Related Paper Award:

Łukasz Garncarek, Rafał Powalski, Tomasz Stanisławek, Bartosz Topolski, Piotr Halama, Michał Turski and Filip Graliński for their paper “LAMBERT: Layout-Aware Language Modeling for Information Extraction”

Liang Qiao, Zaisheng Li, Zhanzhan Cheng, Peng Zhang, Shiliang Pu, Yi Niu, Wenqi Ren, Wenming Tan and Fei Wu for their paper “LGPMA: Complicated Table Structure Recognition with Local and Global Pyramid Mask Alignment”

IAPR/ICDAR 2021 Best Poster Award:

Wenqi Zhao, Liangcai Gao, Zuoyu Yan, Shuai Peng, Lin Du and Ziyin Zhang for their paper “Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition with Bidirectionally Trained Transformer”

Zhenzhou Zhuang, Zonghao Liu, Kin-Man Lam, Shuangping Huang and Gang Dai for their paper “A New Semi-Automatic Annotation Model via Semantic Boundary Estimation for Scene Text Detection”

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