The IAPR/ICDAR Award Program is an established program designed to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of Document Analysis and Recognition in one or more of the following areas:

  • Research
  • Training of students
  • Research/Industry interaction
  • Service to the community

Every two years, two award categories are presented. Namely, the IAPR/ICDAR Young Investigator Award (less than 40 years old at the time the award is made), and the IAPR/ICDAR Outstanding Achievements Award. Each award consists of a token gift and a suitably inscribed certificate.

Both recipients of the IAPR/ICDAR awards are invited to give a keynote speech to open the ICDAR 2021 conference. The recipients are:

– Masaki Nakagawa (IAPR/ICDAR Outstanding Achievement Award) for his outstanding contributions in online handwriting beyond the Latin Alphabet, early integration of handwriting recognition in practically useful systems, and his excellent contributions for the ICDAR community, connecting us with Industry in Asia.

– Mickaël Coustaty (IAPR/ICDAR Young Investigator Award) for his notable contributions in developing systems for historical documents processing and his dedicated commitment to the document analysis community.

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