The ICDAR2021 Organizing Committee is supporting a set of competitions that address current research challenges related to areas of document analysis and recognition. The long-term competitions are open for a longer time period and address challenges which could continue over the next years. Short-term competitions address very recent challenges or more focus sub-domain.

List of Long Term Challenges

List of Short Term Challenges

  • ICDAR 2021 Robust Reading Competition on Scene Video Text Spotting
  • ICDAR 2021 Robust Reading Competition on Integrated Circuit Text Spotting and Aesthetic Assessment
  • ICDAR 2021 Competition on Components Segmentation Task of Document Photos
  • ICDAR 2021 Competition on Historical Map Segmentation
  • ICDAR 2021 Competition on Time-Quality Document Image Binarization
  • ICDAR 2021 On-Line Signature Verification Competition
  • ICDAR 2021 Competition on Script Identification in the Wild
  • ICDAR 2021 Competition on Scientific Table Image Recognition to LaTeX
  • ICDAR 2021 Competition on Multimodal Emotion Recognition on Comics Scenes


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